Why We Ride

Award winning feature documentary film, "Why We Ride," directed by Bryan H. Carroll, produced by Walking West Entertainment.


Music for Fusion-io's "At The Speed Of Now" commercial.

The Dark Horse

"Life's Wonder," used in the 2nd half of the new "The Dark Horse" trailer.


Polar - Discover Your Firsts: The Dance

Hymn to Jordan

"Vision," used in this commercial for the Jordan Tourism Board.

United Way

United Way

Neurons to Nirvana

Feature documentary film, "Neurons to Nirvana," directed by Oliver Hockenhull, produced by Mangusta Productions.

Google - Chrome for Work

Google - "Chrome for Work"

American Cancer Society

Series of commercials for American Cancer Society

Frozen Planet

Opening theme and trailer music for Discovery Channel's "Frozen Planet."

Night of the Living Deb

Feature film, "Night of the Living Deb," directed by Kyle Rankin. Starring Maria Thayer, Ray Wise, Chris Marquette, Michael Cassidy, Syd Wilder.

Introducing Figma

Introducing Figma


Bodum - The Perfect Cup

Falcon Private Bank

Falcon Private Bank

Daniella Draper Jewelry

Daniella Draper Jewelry.

In Secret Trailer

Music for the "In Secret" trailer. The movie stars Elizabeth Olsen, Jessica Lange and Tom Felton.

Frozen Planet

Opening theme and trailer music for Discovery Channel's "Frozen Planet."


Short film for Bentley - Intelligent Details: The Bespoke Driving Jacket.


Osmo Masterpiece

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

Stanford Healthcare

Series of commercials for Stanford Healthcare

Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland Payment Systems

Avon: Youth Minerals

Avon "Youth Minerals" commercial.


Swarovski Gift Ornament 2014.

Cinema 5D - Ebby Adham

Ebby Adham video for Cinema 5D.

YMCA - This Is Our Y

Commercial for YMCA: "This Is Our Y".

Ancestry.com (Ode to Mothers)

Commercial for Ancestry.com "Ode to Mothers."


"Man on Wire," used in the 2nd half of the this Edgewell Personal Care video.

Grimm Love

Award winning feature film, "Grimm Love" (Rohtenburg), directed by Martin Weisz, produced by Senator Entertainment.

Profile of a Killer

Feature film, "Profile of a Killer," directed by Caspian Tredwell-Owen.

On Coal River

Award winning feature documentary film, "On Coal River," currently playing in festivals.


Award winning feature film, "Infestation," directed by Kyle Rankin, produced by Icon Producions. Currently airing on Syfy.

Covenants of Mayors

Commercial for "Covenants of Mayors"

DeVry/Keller University

Series of commercials for DeVry/Keller University.

Deadly Impact

Feature film, "Deadly Impact," directed by Robert Kurtzman. Starring Sean Patrick Flanery, produced by MGM Productions.

Glass House: The Good Mother

Feature film, "Glass House: The Good Mother," directed by Steven Antin. Starring Angie Harmon, produced by Sony Pictures. Currently airing on Lifetime.

Wraith of Cobble Hill

Award winning short film, "The Wraith of Cobble Hill," winner of the jury prize in short film-making, Sundance Film Festival 2006.

Kelloggs Crunchy Nut: The Quest

Series of commercials for Kellogg's "Crunchy Nut."

Tylenol Promise

Music for a Tylenol commercial, "The Promise."

The Pleasure Drivers

Feature film, "The Pleasure Drivers," directed by Andrzej Sekula. Starring Lauren Holly, Billy Zane and Lacy Chabert. Produced by Leonidas Films.

From the Shadows

Award Winning feature documentary film, "From the Shadows," currently playing in festivals.

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

Award winning and critically acclaimed game "NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits," for Wii, iOS, PC and Mac.

L.A. Twister

Feature film, "L.A. Twister," directed by Sven Pape. Starring Zack Ward and Tony Daly, produced by Snow Dog Films/Indican Pictures.


Series of commercials for Aricept.

Nuclear Family

"Nuclear Family," a web series for SyFy directed by Kyle Rankin, produced by Vuguru.

Tylenol PM (Sleeping in Public)

Music for a Tylenol commercial, "Sleeping in Public."

Audi: Balanced Mobility

Audi trade show/promotional spot "Balanced Mobility."

Motives 2

Feature film, "Motives 2," directed by Aaron Courseault. Starring Brian White, Vivica A. Fox, Sean Blakemore. Produced by Rainforest Films/Sony Screen Gems.

Siemens Sustainable Cities

A promotional spot for Siemens, "Sustainable Cities."

Turner Classic Movies

Commercial for the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival 2010.

Perfect Mismatch (It's a Mismatch)

Feature film, "Perfect Mismatch" (It's a Mismatch), a Bollywood film.

Of Light and Darkness

Score for the game "Of Light and Darkness." Featuring James Woods and Lolita Davidovich, produced by Tribal Dreams.

Trois: The Escort

Feature film, "Trois: The Escort," directed by Sylvain White. Produced by Sony Screen Gems/Rainforest Pictures.